Friday, February 18, 2011

New Mixset - "Nasty!"

I want to be upfront with you guys, I see a lot of guys in the game that dont have a sense of soul. They play lots of bad music, snagging any remix of a popular song and playing it regardless of how clean the remix is, usually the transitions dont make sense and the selection of sounds dont work well together... sooooo I wanted to offer up something tasty. This is a collection of new and recent music that I think offers the ears treats and makes you shake your ass..

Ladies and gentleman, boys, girls and wanna-bee's this is your guide.. this is why I am so fuckin nasty in the mix.. enjoy.


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track listing:
1 - Les Infants (Gesaffelstein Remix)
2 - Through The Prism (Dada Life Remix)
3 - Young Folks (Robbie Rivera Electro Mix)
4 - Flirt (Club Mix)
5 - Big Fucking House (Original Mix)
6 - All You (Angger Dimas Remix)
7 - Escape (Chus & Abel Ramos Ilberican Mix)
8 - Hey Baby (Kassianos Brazilian Tribal Mix)
9 - Your Love Is Explosive (Extended Mix)
10- Cal State Anthem (Valerna Remix)

*this is for promotional use only do not sell this mix*
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