Friday, May 3, 2013

MNDR - Faster Horses (Official Video)

I love MNDR, "Feed Me Diamonds" was my jam for a minute and I still drop it from time to time. They have released their video for "Faster Horses" and I love the chorus to this track, I am not big on the verses so I would love to have a dub version of this song but that aside, its a cool little jam. The video plays into a lot of current trends one of them being Bronies, don't know what that is, watch the video then Google it.. lol

Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo "I Don't Wanna Dance" - Work It Kitty -Official Video

Ok, I wasn't a huge fan of this new track from Alex Gaudino, it sounds dated to me. I was a huge fan of this filtered house sound back in the 90's but this doesn't do much to update that genre. I mean this sounds like something Daft Punk would have done 10 years ago, so I am not featuring the song at all the video however, is a different story. Its so cheesy, so stupid and silly I had to share it. The internet loves cats, that's the only redeeming factor this song has going for it!