Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raze Ur Handz & Pride Mix Volume 1 (full downloads)

Since these podcasts are vanishing this month I wanted to make it very easy for everyone to download them here on my blog. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could created accounts over at Podomatic so you could friend/subscribe to my podcast there. For those that would prefer not to then you can stream them there and download them here as they come out of rotation. Thanks!

Please visit me over at Podomatic by clicking my name here DJAIRRICK


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remember this mixsets are for your enjoyment and promotional only! do not sell these and purchase the full unmixed versions of your favorite artists!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing Mixsets?

Hey guys people have told me that some of my older mixes are gone. Links do expire and I apologize, so here is what you do.

If you want to download a mix that I posted previously and the link is expired email me at and on the subject line list the mix you want. In the body if you want more than one or want the album cover art list that there.

Thanks again for your support!

SURPRISE! Raze Ur Handz - Two (from last year)

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Hey guys! Surprise mixset from me HAHA! Before I went full force into Pride Mix and HOF, I wanted to do a Raze Ur Handz series with music that lifts you up. This was intended to show up on my Podcast but I somehow totally forgot about it, I made this towards the end of 2010 so the music is still fresh, no worries!

This is a download ONLY! I will not be listing this as part of my podomatic series. To download this mix you can click the image above or HERE

This is a promotional mix ONLY do no sell this. Please purchase the full releases from the artists featured.

Thanks again!

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*notice track 7 was removed post mix due to some audio issues, it isnt included in the final mix, thanks :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Hot 100 Radio EXCLUSIVE Urban/HipHop Mixset

So last year I experimented a few times with various forms of music. I did a dubstep mixset I even played around with rock remixes and some modern 80s remixes however one mixset I did that was way off the mark for me was this one.

The Hot 100 Radio is a station that I have been working with for quite sometime now and has had more than a handful of exclusive mixsets of mine. I have shared some in the past but since we are in 2011 and I plan on hooking them up with even newer exclusives time to share some of the older ones.

This is the full hip hop mixset I did, I am NOT a hip hop DJ but I fooled around with some remixes of my own and wanted to put them into a set format. This will be the first and last time I mix hip hop in a set format to download. I had a blast making this but its not in me to stay on this path musically.

I want to thank Hot 100 for all the support and hope they got a lot of rotation outta this mix! Enjoy!


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pride Mix Volume 4 & House Of Fur Volume 3

Happy 2011 everyone!

I hope this year brings all your hopes and dreams into reality! Its going to be a huge year for me and I am already setting up some bookings!

Just a little teaser of some of the places I am looking into this year... NC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago & Tampa! The list is sure to get bigger with all the help from you guys! Keep spreading the word so you can hear me mix all of these crazy tracks LIVE!

Now onto the point of this posting! If you arent part of my podomatic family you should be! Sign up is free and you can subscribe to my podcasts directly via podomatic or itunes! Its very easy!

CLICK THIS LINK djairrick on podomatic

Thanks again for your continued support!

Below are the embedded players for Pride Mix 4 THE BEST in vocal house anthems every month! House Of Fur 3 bringing you the underground electro/tech side of house music along with crazy mashups!

Thanks for your continued support and make sure to keep spreading the word! I want to be spinning LIVE in your city!

To view the full track listings for both of these sets visit my podomatic page listed above!