Monday, August 2, 2010

Annoying Requests - Fastest Ways To Get Your Song Played

Before I start this post let me say I love playing to the crowd but I dont need any helping doing so, once I am locked in a zone and see how people are responding I kind of know the direction I want to go in.. with that said..


Circa: 2 years ago I wouldnt have a problem with the random request, the format for the club was different and the music variety was a broader spectrum. Now the club format is strictly electro/dance music with some top 40 remixes tossed in there for good measure. I dont understand or I cant understand how someone can come into a club where the music is obviously uptempo electronic dance music and request hip hop, I dont get it. Its pretty obvious that the music I am playing is specific, why come up and even bother me with a stupid request.. here is just a sample of dumb lines I get..

"I know youre probably not gonna play this but.."

This line is usually followed up with one of the following.

"Its my birthday"
"Its my friends birtdahy"
"Its SOMEONES birthday"
"This is our first time here"
"This is our second time here"
"It will make people dance" (this one always makes me LOL)
"I will dance to it"
"We will dance do it"
"My friend hates this song"
"Do you have The Cupid Shuffle"
"Is all you play TECHNO" (This is another question that makes me LOL)

The list could go on and on, but you get what I am saying.

It also never fails that the requests come at the worst possible times. Guys, listen up. If a DJ has a headphone on one ear and is looking down on the mixer doing something chances are HE IS MIXING! I cant hear a request when the headphone is on the ear you are talking into, ALSO mixing requires some careful attention to not become a trainwreck.. you arent more important than me making sure my music flows properly.

Keep in mind this isnt directed towards 98% of the club, just that small percentage that seems to think their favorite obscure radio hit would make people dance..

If you book me for an event with a specific type of music expected thats what you will get however if I am working in a club, chances are.. its house music of some type.. not rock, not hip hop, not country.. so dont ask..

Also a little FYI.. I made a nice well printed sign on my booth that says "PLEASE DONT BOTHER ME SEND ALL REQUESTS TO TWITTER, THANKS" so far that sign has been up 3 months and only 1 person has read it and followed the request..
So if you cant even honor MY request to you.. why in the f*#k do you think I will honor yours??


1- Write it down and hand it to the DJ

2- Dont ask more than once, if you asked one time thats enough we heard you :)

3- Dont expect someone to play it, its a request not a requirement, say THANKS

4- Dont tip someone after asking for something they obviously dont want to play, tip because you are enjoying the work the DJ is doing for the entire night

5- Make sure the song is appropriate for the venue (you know what I mean) that will be much easier to work into

6- Dont tell the DJ what version to play, all DJs have different styles and not all music works with a set

7- Dont insult the DJs current music, that is a sure fired way to get your request ignored.. be cool about it even if its not your thing

8- Dont invade the DJs personal space, IE: behind the equipment where he is working. Its his job just like anyone elses, that space is his, dont overstep your boundaries :)

I will add more later but for now thats enough..
thanks for reading and keep on dancin!

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