Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pride Mix 11 - From @podomatic

Hey guys & gals! I wanted to share one of my latest podcasts for those folks who arent on my Podomatic page (if not you should be!!!). This is Pride Mix 11, and this is the Summer AFTER-PARTY! I wanted to give you something a little high energy to kick off the Fall season this year since the Summer was so intense! Some of the more stand-out tracks on this podcast are from the lesser known producers/remixers/artists!

"You Better" featuring the vocals of Dawn Tallman was a surprise to me. I remember Dawn from the late 90s up until the early 00's and how she reminded me of some of the stand out Diva's in the early 90s. This track takes me back to those days, and when I spin this in the club I get asked if this is Martha Wash from the Weather Girls! Its THAT good! Thx to the talents of David Penn this is a peak hour track just oozing with thick beats!

Another stand out track to me is "Shake It" by Darkhill! The Swing Kings remix reminds me a lot of something from Chocolate Puma, and the vocals of Christina B are reminiscent of Lisa Stansfield. It has more than enough big room appeal to keep the floor swinging, jumping & singing along!

So enjoy this podcast and make sure to head over, sign up for Podomatic and follow my podcasts! KEEP ON DANCIN!

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