Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Is TRAP House Music?

Hey everyone! Ok so one of the most asked questions I get is "what is this new style of music you are playing, it sounds like a crazy form of hip hop?" or I get people asking me what TRAP HOUSE is when I mention it on Twitter or Facebook. I thought I would take this time to give you a decent explaination LOL

As many of you are familiar with Dubstep and Moombahton became very popular forms of EDM (electronic dance music) over the last couple of years. There is an offshoot to those flavors and it sort of happened organically, Trap House. 

Trap house is a combination of several styles of music, first ingredient, Crunk rap beat formula. The tempo and beat combinations are the same with slightly different pitching to the vocals (if it includes any vocals or samples). Next flavor, Dutch house, using chord progressions from Dutch house adds the electronic sound to the bass'd out beat patterns. Last drop, Dubstep, the bass and wobble can sometimes come from the Dubstep sound, or even Dub in general, its usually a very all encompassing bass element. It sounds very confusing but in fact when it comes together its very simple sounding and to the unknowing ears it might sound like a hip hop instrumental with some strange noises LOL. 

I happen to love this new style, it can be manipulated and played with quite a bit, below I will include some standard examples of Trap house music for you guys! Expect to hear a lot of this from me over the next few months included in my sets... thanks!


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