Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WASH YO SELF! - a peek into my soul

So I wanted to make a mix that spoke from me and who I am as an artist. This mix is a mixture of random beats, progressive and hard tracks, that speaks from me. I didnt make a track listing because honestly, I didnt really feel like it. I created this mix for me to listen to as inspiration and to center me. This is from my heart and soul and it tells a story of house music from start to finish. Dont expect any commercial music in this mix, this is strictly for those that love the house.

*if there are any tiny errors in the uploading of this track I apologize, some have mentioned that the service I upload to causes small errors. I will look into this and possibly change upload locations in the future*


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*this mix is for promotional use ONLY do not sell> Please purchase the full releases from your favorite artists!*

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