Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wallpaper - Best F*cking Song Ever (Chuckie & Glowinthedark Dirty Mix) WHOAAAAAAAA

Have you heard the track from Wallpaper "Best F*cking Song Ever"? Well, probably not... LOL I heard this track a while back and although I thought it was a fun track (very similar to something from LMFAO) I wasn't really into it enough to try and work it into my sets. HOWEVER, that's changed now that Chuckie got his hands on it.

Chuckie & Glowinthedark have WORKED THIS TRACK OUTTTTTTTTTTTT! Yes sir. Its not a certified club banger, something very different from what we are hearing right now. I will be dropping this in my peak sets all Summer long starting NOW. Check it out below and tell me what you think? (If you can get past the lazy vocals) Its an amazing production... js


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