Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Usher Gives Us EDM with Swedish House Mafia & Alesso!

The continued assault and battery on radio with progressive house music has been relentless over the last year. I think the sound is so new to the mainstream listeners they still have grown tired of it yet. Many EDM fans already know there are tons of great artists out there who have never been heard on the radio and they are ok with that, it adds a sense of exclusivity that you have to retain when something goes mainstream to avoid the overall prostitution of the sound. Usher along with a handful of R & B artists have welcomed the blending of progressive house and soul music and its worked extremely well for them. Usher has worked with David Guetta and is now offering up his efforts with Swedish House Mafia & Alesso. The tracks that have leaked are "Numb" & "Euphoria", "Euphoria" was produced by SHM while "Numb" has SHM sharing credit with Alesso. Take a listen and tell me what you think, I think it sounds brilliant and I could listen to Usher sing over stuff like this all night long.


  1. Been listening to Usher since he was 14 yrs, and I was...well, the same age (of course). What I've heard of this new album is exciting. Haven't looked forward to a new release like this for a while now. Scream, Climax and Numb are fantastic. I feel like he's reaching a new audience, while maintaining his base. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing DJA!

    1. Sure! I am excited about the direction of his music, I love his more soulful stuff as well but this sounds amazing.