Thursday, January 20, 2011

SURPRISE! Raze Ur Handz - Two (from last year)

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Hey guys! Surprise mixset from me HAHA! Before I went full force into Pride Mix and HOF, I wanted to do a Raze Ur Handz series with music that lifts you up. This was intended to show up on my Podcast but I somehow totally forgot about it, I made this towards the end of 2010 so the music is still fresh, no worries!

This is a download ONLY! I will not be listing this as part of my podomatic series. To download this mix you can click the image above or HERE

This is a promotional mix ONLY do no sell this. Please purchase the full releases from the artists featured.

Thanks again!

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*notice track 7 was removed post mix due to some audio issues, it isnt included in the final mix, thanks :)

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