Friday, March 1, 2013

Azealia Banks - Riding Deep House To The Bank

Not sure how you guys feel about Azealia Banks but I need to voice my opinion about something. Hip Hop has always been a genre of sampling and borrowing of other musical styles to create new songs. What I cannot stand is when someone raps over an already existing track then takes credit for its conception as if the song had been changed or manipulated musically. On Azealia Banks EP "1991" she has 4 tracks, "1991" , "Van Vogue", "212" & "Liquorice". I hadnt listened to anything on the EP except the most famous track "212" which I really enjoyed. I found out that the track was pretty much "Float My Boat" by Lazy Jay, I went back and listened to it and guess what, it WAS. It was her rapping over the existing song. I did a little research and found out every song on that EP was just an existing house track that she raps over. I hold no grudges when an artist wants to collaborate or use another track etc but she is listed as the only artist on those songs. Each one of those songs should be those artists featuring her, as those tracks were not produced for her songs but she later used them on her EP. Below I will list each video and the tracks she used and you can see what I am saying. I am not questioning her talent or comparing the songs on which is better, I am simply stating as I have said in the past credit and billing should be done correctly, and to me taking an existing song that was already released and rapping over it giving no actual billing to the original producers is shady. I dont know what kind of business deal went on behind the scenes but from the outside looking in, its wrong. She even took credit for the dog barking samples on one of the songs when the sample was in the track long before she ever rapped over it. sidenote - Seems that Lazy Jay was given credit in one place, on the video.. funny thing is youtube shows that his track is the one on the video not hers LOL

Below are the videos with her and in their original forms... what do you think?

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