Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo - Let's Go - Review

I am extremely excited about this collaboration between Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo. The track is called "Let's Go" and its from Calvin's upcoming album due out this Summer. Following the huge success of his work with Rihanna he is continuing to move forward in a progressive/radio direction and this is going to be fantastic for EDM fans who like the continued crossover of dance music. I know a lot of people have been critical over David Guetta and his work with mainstream artists but I can't hate on them for giving us great music, even if some people dont like the crossover aspect.

People ask me why I feel that way after so many EDM producers have been burned with mainstream artists stealing their music? The reason for that is because of giving credit where credit is due, I never had a problem with the crossover aspect just the way it was handled. So here is the preview for the track "Let's Go" with Calvin & Ne-Yo, enjoy and let me know what you think. I LOVE IT!

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