Friday, March 23, 2012

Ima Read - Mad Decent Gives Us Zebra Katz

Mad Decent has long been a label taking risks with EDM in its various forms. One of the many underground forms of house music is Baltimore Club (blending breakbeat, hip hop & house). Zebra Katz & Njena Reddd Foxxx lay gay cultural lyrics over this minimal Baltimore club beat to bring us "Ima Read" an anthem for how to handle shady bitches. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it, not only does it resonate with me because of the use of specific lingo heard on a daily basis in the gay community but the track itself speaks volumes in such a minimal way. I can say faithfully that while the production itself doesnt offer much variation from what we have heard in the b-more club world, the lyrics and patterns of repeated verbal decimation over the beat more than makes up for it. This track is currently in rotation in my sets and the crowd really gets into it, of course I will include a link to the remix I am playing during my sets. Are you a fan of b-more club? Do you love or hate this song? Some people have told me that they find it a bit irritating outside of a club setting but I find myself listening to it a few times a day :) give me your feedback!

Here is a soundcloud link to the remix I am dropping right now!

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