Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jean Elan ft Cosmo Klein - Feel Alive FINALLY RELEASED IN NORTH AMERICA!

I have been waiting over a year for an official North American release for this track. "Feel Alive" is a progressive house masterpiece blending the vocals of Cosmo Klein with a floorfilling peak hour progressive house track provided by the fantastic Jean Elan. If youre not familiar with his work he is best known for his remixes and unique versions of Basement Jaxx "Wheres Your Head At" & his solo release "Killer". He hails from Germany but doesnt fall into the category of what most would consider traditional German Techno music. Cosmo Klein provides the vocals on this which have a rock n roll/soul feel to them which gives this track a more human element to go along with the euphoric melody provided by Elan. This track sports an interesting array of remixes and I am sure that with the official North American release we will see more remixes from more well recognized producers and DJs, I will update you guys when that happens. This track was one of my personal favorites last year and with the push here in the states now I will probably put this into more rotation during my sets. Expect for me to update you guys when the remixes become available for download! I know Jean Elan is in Miami right now for the big week ahead I hope he uploads his set for us to hear and download! If there is a streaming version I will try to upload it here!

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