Monday, November 1, 2010

90s Anthems - Diva Edition


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So a while back I created this series of 90s mixes and that was well before many people knew of me. I think its time to revisit some of the mixes I did that people have asked me to repost and share.

This particular mix was part of my 90s series and this is the Diva Edition which includes TONS of those big vocal tracks we all enjoyed in the 90s. I wanted to keep this true to the music and mixes that not only played the big room clubs but also were popular in my local area.

This was part 1 to a 2 part Diva series I worked on, this mix stacks up at 2 HOURS of music. This one I released part 2 has yet to be released so before I put part 2 on the market, here it is again part 1 of the Diva edition. ENJOY!

Track Listing

1- Find Another Woman
2- Nobodies Supposed To Be Here
3- Womans Got The Power
4- Need To Be Naked
5- Naked Without You
6- Song For The Lonely
7- My Love Is Your Love
8- Waiting For Tonight
9- Nothing Really Matters
10- Believe
11- Muscles
12- I Will Go With You
13- Im Leavin
14- Release Me
15- Ray of Light
16- Body

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