Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Madonna & Avicii UMF 2012 Drug Reference Or Ironic Promotional FAIL?

This years Ultra Music Fest will go down in history as not only being the biggest but also one of the most controversial. This was the year where mainstream met underground and the clash of the titans in the world of EDM. For years EDM fans had been able to attend these "raves" and enjoy music that wasn't widely known here in the states. Although EDM has been big around the world for years, here in the USA we hadn't seen a dance music resurgence like this since the early 90s with the Eurodance/House music era. I think many if not most of you guys that saw UMF on YouTube/Googleplay this year you were shocked and as confused as I was to see Madonna walk out on the mainstage. She was there mostly, to promote her new (lackluster) album which was produced entirely by EDM producers. She also opened the stage for Avicii who debuted his remix of "Girl Gone Wild" during the evening Madonna used the phrase "Has anybody seen Molly?" which stirred up quite a controversy on the internet to the extent that even deadmau5 spoke up.

Now Madonna responded by saying this statement was in reference to her friend Cedric Gervais new single "Molly". This statement may be true but its very reckless if in fact she said this and had no clue what it meant. It also seems very odd that she would use this phrase while introducing Avicii because there is no connection and Avicii was not playing the track during his set. Also her new album titled MDNA is very similar to MDMA which as well know is also a drug reference, coincidence? Not certain but seems suspicious. Either way it sort of set a bad mood for a lot of the EDM community because for years we have had to listen to the media position us as druggies/freaks who do nothing but destroy property with no respect for anyone. I will link the Cedric track below to give you guys a peek into his acid/house track that Madonna claims to be referencing.

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