Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Hardwell Remix)

When I heard Rihanna's track "We Found Love" I knew for certain we had some major stuff in store from her off her latest effort "Talk That Talk". Although I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't more dance tracks on the album, the 2 Calvin Harris produced songs were so amazing I couldn't stay upset very long.

I LOVED...LOVED.. LOVEDDDDDDDDD "We Found Love" and to see a crowd of music lovers who had never heard anything like that before jump around and embrace a more progressive house sound on a pop record, wow. Lots of people were upset about the crossover potential for the genre but I for one am pretty happy about it. The reason why is I don't think Calvin Harris compromised the sound of the record for Rihanna, I think they blended pop and progressive together in a way that doesn't whore out the music for the sake of it.

To listen to both tracks (We Found Love, Where Have You Been), you can tell they could have gone either way. Had these songs been released by a dance artist on the dance charts I think they would have still been hugely successful, with that being said the songs can take themselves seriously unlike something from LMFAO that has to bring humor into dance music to try and sell records.

"Where Have You Been" immediately became my favorite record on the album because it was a bit more dance oriented than the first single. It also shows a side of Rihannas voice that gives you a sense of urgency and then the build that takes you directly into accomplishment and satisfaction into a huge drop. I didn't think anyone could top it... then I was wrong. Hardwell brings this track even further into EDM with a complete reconstruction of the instrumental. He didn't use any of the original portions of the track for this, he basically took the acapella and reworked the entire song. I love both versions but I think for me, during a peak set you don't get any slicker than the Hardwell mix, what do you think?

Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Hardwell Remix) [Exclusive Preview] by HARDWELL

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