Monday, November 14, 2011

Bingo Players - Alesso does Guetta - Slumber Gets Trashed - Hardwell Tackles Levels!

Bingo Players - Mode (YouTube Teaser)

Speaking of Avicii "Levels" from my last blog post this song totally reminds me of the energy I felt when I heard that track the first time.
The Bingo Players are one of the most known UNknown EDM acts in the States. This track has all the pluses, energy, check, riffs, check, electro, check.. big room CHECK. This track will be online for sale at Beatport on Dec 5th, however I am sure us DJs will get promo copies in advance.. I am certain remixes will circulate before that date. However, I look forward to the official release and official remixes of this track, this is BIG.

Steve Forte Rio ft Lindsey Ray - Slumber (Tommy Trash Remix)

This has to be one of my favorite tracks of 2011. The original was released over the Summer and made popular thru Tiesto. I am not a huge fan of trance or Tiesto but the proof in the pudding, he has a ton of fans and when he supports a track people take notice. I had the original version of this on rotation for months and just as it has died out in its original form Tommy Trash crashes us with this electro banger. This again is HUGE, big room for sure.. reminds me a lot of what Alesso is bringing us lately with the delayed call/response sound. I totally dig it and cant wait for the full release. This remix is due on Nov 21 and I am certain people are waiting for this one, I know I will be stalking Beatport on that day to snag the official release.

Titanium (Alesso Remix) *PREVIEW* by Alesso

David Guetta ft Sia - Titanium (Alesso Remix)

Speaking of Alesso, this dude is on fire. This is a preview of his official remix for "Titanium" vocals from the hauntingly beautiful Sia and production from DJ Mags #1 Dj this year David Guetta. I wasnt a huge fan of this song originally but a few bootlegs I have really enjoyed and this remix has totally changed my mind. I feel like Alesso is the new Avicii for me, and Avicii isnt even old enough to have a NEW version... their styles are very similar. What Avicii does with piano riffs Alesso does with drums and synths, the outcome is amazing and both of them though different have similar patterns.. no complaints from me. This remix has no release that I can find but as soon as its out expect to hear it in my sets!

Avicii - Levels (Hardwell Bootleg) (Premiered on Hardwell on Air 037) by HARDWELL

Avicii - Levels (Hardwell Remix)

Soooooo I saved the best for last (I know I know, personal opinion). Just as we are hearing Levels all over the place (see my last blog post) and of course like I said, its arguably the hottest EDM record of the year this remix actually takes it to the next level (haha) for me. Hardwell has been one of my favorite producers/remixers over the last couple of years dropping hot track and banger after banger and he doesnt disappoint this time. He adds his own unique drop to this version while taking the piano and giving us a synth overload on them. I actually think I like this more than the original.... either way a massive tune.

Well thats it for tonight on whats new in EDM from my perspective, and enjoy what I have posted here! I will be uploading a new mix sometime in the next few hours so check back or stay hooked to my social media! Links below!

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