Monday, November 28, 2011

My Love Affair with R3hab Is On Hiatus...

R3hab has been one of the hardest working men in the DJ world in the last year, no doubt about it. He started out with a lot of steam and was cranking out what I considered floor-filler over and over again, that was up until the end of the Summer this year.

R3hab has talent, no doubt about it. His bootlegs made him stand apart from the sea of Avicii copycats and wanna-be Afrojacks. His signature sound was easily recognizable and he was elevating his music to another level with every track. All of a sudden, for whatever reason, his remixes are becoming, for lack of better phrasing, boring and predictable.. thats NOT something anyone in EDM needs to be. This can take you from top status to the bottom of the barrel in a heartbeat. His mixes used to rank number 1 or 2 when it came to best of the rest, now he is starting to fall into that "Its ok, but Nicky Romero's is better..." insert name as desired.

First of all this week we are hearing his remix to Kaskades "Eyes" and I was hoping this would be his big change up track, the one that puts him back in the game, I was wrong. I am afraid now he he has gone from boring and predictable to just plain annoying :( However, I do know that in the Las Vegas scene he is still considered the top of the tops.. so maybe it just isnt translating very well to the masses. This also worries me, in this ever-changing world of EDM going to mainstream and getting a lot more attention you dont want to be the fastest rising star to miss the big bang.. here is the most recent remix from R3hab, dont worry I have more examples coming..

Kaskade - Eyes (R3hab Remix) by R3HAB

This sound has become stagnant, below is his remix for David Guetta & Ushers "Without You". Unfortunately, the placement and portions of the track are almost identical to this most recent effort, I was a bit shocked but it is what it is.

David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You (R3hab's XS Remix) by R3HAB

Next up, Jennifer Lopez and "Papi", in his defense this song by itself sucks.. so he was working with a slight disadvantage as it is... but again... the drop doesnt work with the song, its like very disconnected and again predictable..

Jennifer Lopez - Papi (R3hab Remix) by R3HAB

The list could go on and on over the last 3 months, next up and finally I will show you how he has destroyed a song that many have tried to touch but havent (in my opinion) been able to elevate it other than Chuckie. Calvin Harris with Rihanna gave us probably one of the biggest tracks of the Fall season 2011 and R3hab manages to take away the pretty aspects of it and give us a drop that sounds like its out of a horror movie. Again my biggest complaint with this is a disconnect, it sounds more like a mashup than an official remix. I like the instrumental part, but I dont like it with THIS song. I believe he needs to do a massive change up of style like Chuckie did to re-invent himself or else he will fall out of the limelight, here is that Rihanna track... sorry R3hab, we cant be together again until you give us what you did back when you dropped the Lady Gaga remix of "Judas"... that was hot shit!

Rihanna & Calvin Harris - We Found Love (R3hab's XS Remix) by R3HAB

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