Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Korn ft Skrillex & Kill The Noise - Narcissistic Cannibal - review & video

Oh Korn, I remember how much I loathed you when you were on top of your game. This has to be the biggest combination of stuff I hate collab I have heard in a longgggg time.

We all know I am not a fan of dubstep, its not that I dont think it doesnt have interesting sounds or quality enough for a fanbase, I just find MOST of it boring. The few producers I can stand to listen to arent enough for me to like the genre as a whole. I do enjoy a few of Skrillex's productions but I have to say the one dubstep producer I can really get into is Nero, but thats off the topic of this post.

This to me sounds like something from the early 90s overall. If you guys ever listened to NIN you remember the industrial revolution in rock music and all the bands that came out of that. Gravity Kills did extremely well on the charts but one of the most underrated industrial bands at that time was God Lives Underwater. This song sounds surprisingly like their material, and I will link some of their videos below for reference.

So point is, the obvious dubstep elements in this song make it TRENDY, CURRENT but doesnt add up to the intention of the song. This sound without the dubstep elements is DATED, 20 years dated in melody and sound. I feel like Korn wrote this track then put it on the shelf for 2 decades then said, "lets put some dubstep on it". It lacks imagination and to me lacks any originality, probably a smart move on Korns part because the sheep (aka radio market) as a majority look for stuff less innovative and more on a curve (grading curve). They want things to move at a pace, they dont want SHOCK and AWE, unfortunately for me thats what I need to keep me motivated.

Overall this is a lackluster track with elements that might make it a commercial success but hardly what I would consider a comeback song for a group with such a huge following and legacy.

Here are a couple of God Lives Underwater videos for reference, the similarities are quite striking. Outside of the dubstep elements the melodies and vocal arrangements show just how dated this sound would be without Skrillex.

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