Friday, November 4, 2011

LMFAO vs Afrojack - Sexy & I Know It vs Pacha On Acid

If you keep up with me on my various social networks you will know I am a huge supporter of showing credit where credit is due. That entire Avicii/Leona Lewis Penguingate scandal was a bit much for me (dont get me started again LOL). The outcome of that situation I think was great it gave Avicii the proper platform and set a precedent for other EDM producers out there.

A big sign of people finally realizing there is a market for what us DJs/EDM Producers do is the voting of David Guetta into the #1 spot in DJ Mags top 100 DJs of the world 2011. This is also seen in the latest #1 single from Rihanna ft Calvin Harris "We Found Love", although I believe its more like Calvin Harris ft Rihanna but WHATEVER, I'm nit-picking LOL. We see that the market is there for the taking and that the labels and artists may finally realize that DJs are entertainers just as much as any of the other artists out there.

This little blog post is about the latest in the storm of EDM on pop music. LMFAO has yet another HOT single on their hands with "Sexy & I Know It". If you guys know anything about LMFAO they are into making PARTY music. Fun club music that has one goal, to get you to have a good time, awesome. My issue is that their latest single sounds an awful lot like Afrojacks single "Pacha On Acid" from 2010. Its so similar that everytime I have played LMFAO "Sexy.." anyone that knows anything about EDM has said, "WOW that sounds like Pacha on Acid!". Sometimes things happen in music and its strictly coincidence, certain phrasing in lyrics, sometimes a riff might sounds closely related but its pretty clear that the producer for the LMFAO single knew of this track and the construction. It makes no sense at this point to continue to rip off EDM producers when they are becoming just as well known as some of the major label artists in the world.

I will get off my soapbox, here are the 2 tracks.. you listen and come to your own conclusions!

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