Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaskade Album - Fire & Ice - My Thoughts

Kaskade who was recently voted best DJ in America has been one of my favorite producers & remixers for a decade now. He does a great job of keeping that energy on every track he does from commercial to full-on electrohouse. He is part of the reason why I drifted away from that traditional tribal sound that most gay DJs stick to, the sound you kind of expect to hear at circuit parties around the country. I want to bring a different sound to big rooms in the gay community & I have done a great job so far, giving them everything from commercial to big electro and anthem music you wouldnt hear in most gay nightclubs. The video above is an interview with Kaskade and he talks in detail about his project, the new album. Below I will link some of the stand out tracks I really enjoy via YouTube.


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  1. Hey Airrick. Thanks for sharing Kaskade with the "mo's and ho's"! He's a longtime favourite of mine and showcases new & up and coming voices in his music. The community needs more of this. Well done.