Friday, November 4, 2011

Laidback Luke Vs Example - Natural Disaster VIDEO review

I'm a huge fan of Laidback Luke, I think he is probably one of the most talented producers and DJs in the game right now. However, I am not a fan of Example LOL. I also dont care too much for the piano riff in this song (sounds like something from a bad Halloween movie). I love the drop on this song and the drum pattern is pretty sick but overall this song could have been so much better. I had the instrumental version of this for a few months before the official vocal version came out.

Now onto the video, I think its predictable but fun. I mean showing a DJ in the club (LBL) with lasers and flashing strobelights. Then we cut away to the parts of the video which add to the story we are seeing, overall very predictable and probably cheaply made. I do love that EDM is getting more time in the video market but I dont see much thought or imagination going into the videos. I also feel as if LBL has sort of lost his stride, most of his recent releases seem a bit lost. He was the one to watch, the guy who everytime he produced or remixed something you knew it was going to be a banger, now he is hit or miss and that probably comes from putting out SO MUCH content.

He has pushed himself to put out material (R3hab is doing this now as well) and his sound is starting to become saturated. EDM is a fickle market, we want new new new & that is also what makes it such a tough market. One day you can be on top of the game the next you are the throw-away remixer who creates filler mixes for the clubs.

I am keeping my fingers crossed LBL makes a huge change in 2012 and brings back that new fresh flavor that gave him so much momentum late 10 early 11!



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